Stylish and cosy

Are you looking for stylish accommodation for couples? Sparkle is the answer. A compact glamping tent where your guests can relax on the wooden veranda with a drink in hand and enjoy a good night’s sleep after spending the day in the great outdoors.
Sparkle is ideal for two people who are looking for a more comfortable choice so that they do not carry their camping equipment.

The glamping tent Sparkle  is sturdy, with a wooden frame and it has an ideal standing height. To save you time, Sparkle needs little maintenance and can stay outside during the winter months. If you need extra accommodation for large groups, this model can be used in combination with one of our other bigger glamping tents, such as Sunshine.

Surprisingly stylish at a low entry level for optimal ROI

Practical yet comfortable, with room to stand

Perfect as an add on to other lodges

Ready to move in, so you can host guests immediately

Sparkle 7.5

Inner tent dimension: 7,5 m²

Total surface: 10,5 m²

Veranda: 3 m²

Guest: 2 sleeps

Bathroom: no

Sparkle 12

Inner tent dimension: 12,4 m²

Total surface: 16,1 m²

Veranda: 3,7 m²

Guest: 2 sleeps

Bathroom: no

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