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YALA has helped businesses like yours to increase their business and expand the duration of the tourist season. The last 11 years have worked in over 7,920 projects in 53 countries.

“A striking experience in luxury camping.”

This is the promise they make to travelers all over the world. With a bold and innovative approach they plan, create, develop and deliver luxurious glamping tents from high quality canvas. All models provide your guests every comfort they need for their holidays.

YALA as a Leader of the European Agency with representatives around the world poses new standards in Glamping worldwide, creating indelible memories and unique experiences.

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Are you a hotel or campsite owner? Are you involved in the tourism industry?

Do you want to increase your turnover and offer your visitors an unforgettable holiday experience?

Invest in luxurious safari tents and glamping residences and prepare your business for the holidays of the future .

Today, more than ever, guests are looking for an escape from everyday life, to come near nature, without depriving their amenities. Glamping is the ideal choice for them!

Yala offers unique and flexible, high-quality canvas tents. Fully furnished, based on your own preferences, with a private bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning and whatever you want. With GLamping, you achieve a high rate of capacity throughout the season.

We are here for you from design to implementation.

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