Stylish and robust

Sunshine is inspired by a classic African safari tent with a robust wooden frame and canvas walls. Whilst we can’t promise your guests herds of wildebeest or the occasional passing lion, we do promise they’ll have a comfortable stay, with a spacious veranda to take in the views.

Sunshine provides your guests all the comfort they need and is the ultimate glamping experience.

This canvas glamping tent is available in three sizes with multiple layouts, which allows you to offer accommodation options for both 2 people and larger families or groups. Sunshine can be equipped with a pellet stove to extend your season, or you can add air-conditioning, to provide your guests with even more comfort during the summer. Add a swing to the veranda for a fun touch.

Solid quality and long durability for strong ROI

A classic African safari tent to help you create a traditional glamping site

Sturdy wooden beams and fire retardant canvas walls

Multiple lay-outs possible, tailored to your needs

Sunshine 27

Inner tent dimension: 5 x 5.4 m (27 m²)

Total surface: 43 m²

Guest: 4-5 sleeps

Bedrooms: 2

Bathroom: yes

Sunshine 38

Inner tent dimension: 7 x 5.4 m (38 m²)

Total surface: 54 m²

Guest: 4-5 sleeps

Bedrooms: 2

Bathroom: yes

Sunshine 49

Inner tent dimension: 9 x 5.4 m (49 m²)

Total surface: 65 m²

Guest: 6-8 sleeps

Bedrooms: 2 (plus separate box bed)

Bathroom: yes

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