Glamping and Development Law 2022: How to get started?

Development Law and Glamping in Greece. How do I do glamping and what subsidy does it give me?

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Glamping is one of the most upcoming alternative forms of tourism in recent years. Unique environmentally friendly structures that aim to showcase the natural beauty of each area, local culture and heritage with an emphasis on sustainability.

The new Development Law – Greece Strong Development published on 04.02.2022 in the respective Government Gazette A’ 16/04-02-2022, comes to support Glamping as a new form of tourism and help you to start your own Glamping business with a significant subsidy of up to -70%.

How to get started with Glamping and Development Law

The first thing you should do is to make sure that the land you already own or you are thinking of buying is suitable for the construction of a Glamping unit.

Talk to an enginner who can guide you and explain what permits you need, and whether your site can get the necessary permits. Proceed with a site plan (which you may also need in the future, eitherway) and learn everything about your place.

A useful source is the Government Gazette A 101/24.5.2020, published in May 2020, which legislates Glamping and defines a special Glamping sign for these tourist units.

What is the cost of a Glamping investment

Conduct a market research. Find out which structures are best for you among glamping tents, safari tents, glamping domes, yurts or wooden glamping houses.

Ask yourself what audience you are targeting and thus you will conclude on the level of luxury you want succeed. Is it worth adding a hot tub to target couples? Or you prefer something more inclusive that can also appeal to families?

All of the above, and with the help of your architect, will help you find out the total cost of the investment so that you can make a decision.

What is the return of investment in glamping site

Before you go any further you will need to make a rough plan for the income you expect your investment to bring in.
We’ve put together, the most important factors that, in our opinion, you need to look at, to make a targeted and realistic plan.

  1. Analysis of competition
    Does anyone else have a similar business in your area? If so, how many visitors does it have and what time of year? What is the rental price per night and what amenities does it offer to achieve it?
  2. Available services
    What services are you willing to offer? Will you provide any activities or sports in the area, single-handedly or with partners? Have you considered any shared facilities that your guests can enjoy such as a swimming pool, spa services or activities for children?
  3. Location
    The location of a tourist facility is a very important factor for travelers. Highlights of the surrounding area, nearby beaches or mountains that are suitable for water sports, hiking, climbing or mountaineering are important features that can bring your glamping site up in visitors’ preferences.
  4. Tailored amenities
    n recent years, personalised services have become an important feature for guests. Are you looking to provide them with services based on their needs? A breakfast with menus of their choice (vegan, gluten-free, etc.), exclusive babysitting for children or a personalised yoga class tailor-made to the guest?

All of the above are a few considerations you should make to more accurately predict the amount of revenue your new glamping unit can bring in.

How much subsidy am I entitled to

Once you are more certain about the total cost of the investment, contact an agency that undertakes projects regarding the Development Law.

The amount of the subsidy depends on the region you are located in based on the District Subsidy Map 2022-2027. But it is certain that, as in any European subsidized program, you should already have a percentage of the investment available (30%-50%) depending on the subsidy you are entitled to, before you can get started.

What other sources of funding are available

However, even if you do not already have the amount of money you need, you can still look for alternative sources of funding. A financial institution could be one solution to move forward and start the glamping business of your dreams.

In addition, you can look for a partner or an investor who may not have the land or the time to implement it himself/ herself, but has enough capital and you can proceed to a profitable partnership for you both.

Be extroverted and don’t hesitate to share your idea. You may get interest from sources where you wouldn’t expect it!

Is it mandatory for me to already have a company in Greece?

You can qualify for the subsidy either if you already have a business or if you are setting up a company, as long as you have completed the publicity procedures before the investment project starts.

However, your company must have a registered office or branch in the Greek territory at the time the project starts operating.

How long does the procedure take?

The investment project will be completed when the productive operations of the investment commence, within the time limit set out in the admission, which may not exceed three years from the date of publication of the admission.

The completion and launch of project shall be certified by a decision within forty days of the submission of the final investment appraisal report.

In conclusion, ask yourself this question: Why do you want to build a glamping unit?

Is it money? Is it the subsidy? Or that you have the land and you have to take advantage of it? Or is it more?

The most important thing, in developing a Glamping unit, is the passion and love you have for what you do, as with any tourism or non-tourism business.

Consider, how can you really contribute to the development of the local community? How can you contribute to preserving the uniqueness of the place and promote the history of the area, local products and local culture, with the least possible interference with the natural landscape and the daily life of the inhabitants?

Our team, made up of people with experience in glamping in Greece and with a lot of passion and enthusiasm about what we do, can help you choose the right glamping tents for your own unit based on your space and your preferences.

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