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Glamping worldwide has gained a new momentum and especially after the pandemic that has caused an increased demand for more secluded, away-from-the-crowd and nature-based holiday options. But glamping lodges are not just for campsites. Agritourism units and hotels also recognise its versatility and understand that by adding luxury glamping tents they can enhance their business. If you’re looking for new ways to reach new guests, this is how glamping can help.

Hotels and Glamping – The perfect combination

Hotels are increasingly adding luxury tents to the accommodations they offer across Europe. Guests can enjoy a night in a luxury safari tent with an en-suite bathroom, while enjoying all the facilities that hotels offer, including restaurants and spas. Hotels with glamping accommodation are a popular option for weddings, where guests can choose a standard hotel room or a night under the stars. This means that hotels can cater to larger groups and provide guests with wider accommodation options. It’s ideal for couples and families alike and we often hear the phrase ” Oh yes, this is how I camp”.

Turning the guest experience of your hotel into a unique experience

Glamping is not just about luxury camping, but also about providing a different experience for your guests. Perhaps they can already get married at your hotel – but how much more special would it be if they, and their guests, could spend their wedding night in luxury glamping tents and enjoy a unique atmosphere? By adding glamping tents, hotel owners can expand your clientele, add more accommodation than you already have and appeal to a wider range of potential customers who are willing to pay sometimes even more money than they would for a hotel room, so they can enjoy this unique, different experience.

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