How to set-up a new Glamping business?

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Are you thinking of setting up your own Glamping business?

Do you want to set up your own glamping site from scratch to make a difference, leaving your own legacy? It’s not always an easy task to open a new business, which is why you need to build a solid foundation from the start. So if you often wonder “How do I set up my own glamping business?“, here are some basic tips that will answer your question.

What is your motivation? What is it that inspires you?

First of all you need to understand why you want to buy glamping tents and start your own glamping business. Have you ever been in one as a guest and loved it? Is it an opportunity for you to get away from your busy daily work schedule? Or you see it as a profitable business opportunity? Identify your motivation and make a list of the benefits and drawbacks so you can have a realistic idea of what you want to achieve.

Who are you targeting?

Will you be targeting couples, families with children, …… or individual groups seeking wellness? For example, couples looking for a romantic getaway away from it all may not want to stay next door to a family with young children. Additional things to consider are: how old are they on average? What is their background? What are their hobbies and pastimes? What do they expect from their holidays? Once you’ve decided who you want to target, you can move on to creating a persona of your ideal guest, a representation of the kind of guest you want to have staying in your tents.

Location and accommodation

What is the ideal location for you? Is it by the sea or in the forest? Is it near a city or a tourist destination? Is it within walking distance of public transport? The type of accommodation you choose, whether it’s a luxury safari tent with a bathroom or a larger accommodation, ideal for families, is just as important as the location. We love glamping and provide a wide range of glamping tents to cater for all types of guests, from the Sparkle for couples looking for a romantic getaway, to the Dreamer for families looking for luxury and comfort.

Legislations & Regulations

While you are involved in setting up your own glamping business, you will need to be aware of local laws and regulations, as well as having the specific glamping permits required. This of course varies from country to country, and local authorities may have their own set of restrictions. To get started and be right from the start, check with local authorities to find out what you need to do.


If you want to get a loan from a bank, you will first need a business plan. Businesses in any sector might experience difficulties, and this is often due to poor planning. That’s why you’ll need to construct a business plan that outlines everything in relation to how your glamping business will operate, including the target market, how your business differs from competitors, how the glamping industry is growing, and estimated revenue. You will also need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis, which will include the costs of the safari tents.

Also, an important alternative of funding is the Development Law 2022 that has just been published in Greece and could give you a significant subsidy.

Other things you need to consider

For your business, it is extremely important to establish your own brand/trade mark and identity. What name you will give to your glamping business? What strategy do you plan to use to promote your business? What methods will you use to contact potential customers/visitors? Do you have a beautifully designed website? Can you, for example, work with local tourism companies that could possibly help you to advertise your website? Please contact us if you have any questions regarding opening a glamping business.

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